The recycled plastic bottles get new life in the form of PET yarn rugs.

Bright side, dealing with discarded plastic bottles is now much easier than before. Water bottles are a widely used product all over the world, particularly for drinking water, soda and other types of beverages. Plastic bottles that have been used pollute the environment.

Since we cannot permit plastics to be used by people, our business associates have devised a method to recycle and turn these bottles into a thin thread of polyester yarn. The thread feels soft like wool, and its weatherproof properties increase its durability.

Pet yarn carpet is an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor use due to the fabric’s exceptional ability to withstand sunlight, water and dirt.

Thanks to the near collaboration between our designers, artisans, and other hardworking staff, we are pleased to produce extraordinary rugs for every home while also taking a small initiative towards our environment.

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