Reversible Hand loomed Rugs For Home Décor


All About Reversible Hand Loomed Rugs

Reversible area rugs offer a variety of benefits, including the ability to use both sides, which increases the wear and tear resistance of the piece. Handloom rugs are stain-resistant or easy to clean, making them the perfect choice for families with kids and pets. It’s a simple and easy way to make a quick change without transforming your whole space entirely.

Buying handloom rugs as a home decor item is a good decision because they have a unique appearance and they blend perfectly with any décor. However, when you decide to buy a handwoven carpet, there are a few things to consider. Quality wool is crucial as it enhances the rugs’ shine. Hand loom carpets are popular because of their durability and ability to endure relatively rough handling.

Weaving plays a major role in the quality of the rug. The number of knots per square inch will indicate how close the rug is weaved as well as the cost. Handwoven rugs are usually crafted by artisans in rural areas. Every handloom rug is different from the other rug. A total quality control process ensures the durability of the rugs.

Handloom Rugs Are Reversible

Yes, some handloom carpets are reversible and have identical patterns and colors on the backside of the rug. Handloom floor rugs are generally weighty that spread evenly on the floor and won’t curl or bunch up like other carpets. 

Flatweave Area rugs can be used on both sides. The handloom area rugs can be reversed when one side becomes old or stained, and the carpet will look like new again. Both sides have identical designs with the same color, texture, and quality.

How To Determine Handloom Rugs

Handloomed rug edges are identical. No natural fringe.

Edges of handloomed rugs are wrapped, and any fringe that is added afterward, NOT as a foundation thread. There is usually glue along the edges of these rugs to try to hold them together, and they are cut along the edges.

Stretch marks on the field due to easy stretching.

When you lift any corner of the hand-loomed rug, the rows and columns can easily come out of alignment. After it has been on the floor for months, you can easily identify that the rug has wrinkles and “stretch marks” because it has stretched apart.

Not possible to roll hand-loomed rugs all the way around.

Rugs made of this material have one or both heavy foundation threads that make rolling difficult. The flat weave of a true handwoven cloth can be rolled equally from both ends and both sides.

Take a look at the loose foundation tracks visible through open pile “hand loomed” rugs.

Take tweezers, or even your nails, to move and pull at the thinner threads in the handloom area rug from the front side. It is easy to see the large foundation threading from both length and width. Despite their low durability, these rugs tend to fall out of shape and tear over time due to their faulty structure. Regular foot traffic moves these threads, as well, causing the rugs to shift out of shape.

“V” shaped tufts of handloomed rugs are easy to pull out.

An easy way to uncover the shape of the letter “V” is to pull out a wool tuft from the face of the rug. Similar to tufted rugs, these tufts are placed into place by pressing them into place. Hand Tufted rugs are held in place by glue on the back. As it stretches and moves apart, the tufts shed as the neighboring threads hold them in place.

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