How To Choose Living Room Carpet – Tips To Buy Living Room Rugs

Living room carpet living room rug

A living room carpet is perfect to improve your home aesthetics, bring more comfort to your conversational area, and add warmth and coziness to your living space. Let your living room rug play as an art in the living area to grab the attention of guests. You can hang a carpet on the living room’s wall as home decorative accessories.
To instantly upgrade your living space, introduce a contemporary handwoven carpet or a hand-tufted rug to revamp your living room immediately. An enticing living room floor carpet helps you to showcase your lifestyle and redefine your home interior.

To enhance the décor or living space, a living room carpet performs the most crucial part in refurbishing. A living room rug can immediately transform a dull space into the most lively and exciting place. Focus on these key considerations while choosing the best carpet for the living room –

Living Space Types While Choosing Living Room Rug

The interior of the living area can vary from house to house because everyone follows their style and loves to carry it in their home as well to feel enthusiastic.

Modern Carpets For Living Room

Contemporary style interior is never out of trend. Contemporary living room décor brings a modern touch to your dwelling and easily amalgamates with any kind of home décor.

Traditional Living Room Floor Carpet

Refurbish your living room with a traditional touch. If you love to introduce a classic touch to your living space interior, a traditional living room rug can be the ideal way to bring an authentic Indian style touch.

Vintage Style Living Room Carpet Flooring

Love the feeling of living in the 1950s or 60s era. A vintage living room rug is the best fit for a vintage-style living space interior.

Living Room Carpet Sizes

Looking for the right size rug for the living room, The Inside Stories can be the best online rug retailer to buy living room rugs. Measure the living area twice thrice to determine the right size carpet for the living room. Some common rug sizes are mentioned below –

10’ X 14’ Carpets For Living Room Big Size

All legs of the furniture’s are on the rug. Have a big living area in your home, and introduce a 10’ X 14’ living room rug. Try to keep the gap of a few inches between furniture and wall. The right size carpet dignifies the décor and creates versatility in your home.

9’ X 12’ Living Room Carpet Size

All the front legs of the furniture are on the carpet. Maintain the most appealing aesthetic with a 9 by 12 living room area rug by leaving 18 inches of space from the wall on each side.

6’ X 9’ Living Room Area Rug

Generally, a 6 by 9 living room rug is not advised. But, if you love to introduce a small focal point in your home, a small rug can be a perfect choice.

Living Room Carpet Color Ideas

Choosing the right rug color is extremely crucial when buying a living room carpet because it can make or break your living room décor. Take a close look at your living room style, interior, and home furnishing accessories to maintain the luxury and comfort you want to have. Try from neutral to the multi-color carpet before deciding on the final rug.

Best Carpet Material For Living Room

So many rug materials are used to create a carpet. Every rug material has different durability, comfort level, and maintenance. These three types of rug materials are commonly used to make a rug.

  1. Natural Living Room Rug Material – wool, cotton, silk, jute, sisal
  2. Synthetic Living Room Rug Material – acrylic, polyester, polypropylene
  3. Artificial Living Room Rug Material – viscose, bamboo silk, banana silk

Living Room Rug Pile Types – High Pile vs. Low Pile

It is vital to consider the rug pile height according to your requirements before purchasing a living room rug. Low pile rugs are more durable than high pile carpets. Additionally, low pile carpets can be cost-effective and great for high-traffic areas. It can instantly transform your living into the most inviting space of the home. If you have a low-traffic living room, you can introduce a high pile living room rug for a luxurious look.

At The Inside Stories, we suggest you find a living room rug that blends with your furniture and the color of the walls. Explore the wide range of living room rugs at The Inside Stories.

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