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Believe It Or Not, Choosing A Planter Isn’t Your First Rodeo.

We’ve been helping our clients to furnish their homes with the best plants! We’ve delivered consistently high-quality products that reflect trends and tastes for more than two years, and we’ll be proud to say it — it took us some time to figure out the ideal planter for every client. However, as with all things in life, experience is the key to becoming perfect. And we’ve had plenty of time to train.
Today’s Your Lucky Day, Though. We’re Coming In Hot With Our Time-Tested Tips To Help You Pick Your Perfect Planter Like The Pros.
We’re not putting too much emphasis on our capabilities, Naturally. Our suggestions aren’t a substitute for the amazing work our team of interior designers carries out. The Inside Stories The Inside Stories simply love our plants and appreciate our customers. We simply wanted to help you get ahead in locating what you’re looking for to add some flair to your space.

Let’s start with our simple, foolproof technique that will allow you to pick the perfect pot in no time.

Step 1: Make A Plan

We’re sure you’re looking forward to decorating your home with stunning new planters but be patient, you cowpoke!
The secret to your planter’s success is to start with a plan, not just of what the planter ought to be, but also of where you’d like it to be placed and what you’d like to put in it! All of these could be crucial factors to consider when making the final choice of the planter.
So First, Let’s Start By considering Your Most Important Factors.

Planter Size

The size of the plant plays a significant role in determining the perfect planter. Still, many other aspects are considered here, including the location, plant type, and Quantity. We’ll explore these aspects shortly, but let’s start with your personal preference.
Our designs, The Inside Stories, can be purchased in various sizes. Take a look at what attracts you visually. Take a look at what you’ve seen in private and public settings. Are you a fan of the style and feel of a room with big, bold plants, or would you prefer a more compact, delicate look?

Planter Space

The size of the plants you select is determined by preference the space you’re brightening with a planter can also play an important part. What kind of impression are you hoping to make using your new pot or planter?
Begin by deciding the best time for the planter to remain indoors or out. If it’s small outdoors, a small pot will not have a huge impact on the surrounding. Also, a planter that is too big in an apartment that is smaller such as a small one could overpower the space.

Planter Shape

Here’s where you can have a go at it. And, boy, do we have various choices to try out.
Take a look at the major forms and lines within your home. Do the furniture you currently use appear more angular with many straight lines? You may want to even out the edges and corners with an angular planter. This is the reverse of the home that is filled with curves and roundness.
This is a great opportunity to create a focal point for the planter to become a focal point for conversation. You can integrate it with your furniture style.


Beyond the design of the furniture you’ll be placing in the area around your planter, you may also want to consider your style. If you’re obsessed with the retro style, There are plenty of choices. If you’re a “boho” fan, we’ve got you covered too!
The catalog is yours on The Inside Stories, but If you really want to find the most appropriate fit, you will likely prefer to stick with the style you’ve implemented within your home.

Quantity (Of Planters)

This is a second vital piece of the infographic essential to finding the perfect planter: knowing precisely the number of planters you’d like!
For most private customers, we believe the ideal quantity of planters is one to three. However, if you’re looking for a way to add some flair to a commercial space, then you’ll likely need at least five of our plants.

It is important to determine the number of planters you’d like to have, more or less, due to three reasons. The first is a pragmatic and objective one: your budget. The second one is to measure out an area to determine what designs look the most appealing at what intervals and also how they should be separated.

The third one is purely about vibes. Certain styles are awesome and fun, but having the sheer number of them can become too much.

Plant Type

We’ve discussed the distinction between plant and. flower-loving people on our blog before, but we’ll repeat this. The type of plant you’d like to place in your planter plays an important role in determining which one is the best!

While all of our pots are equally awesome, some of them are certain to match their floral (or other) buddies better than others.

If you have a plan of things you’d love to put in the pot, it can help in helping you choose the most suitable planter. This is crucial in the order process since we have to be aware of whether you require drainage holes!

Step 2: Help Yourself

Here are some quick-fire suggestions to help make your experience on The Inside Stories even better. You can use as few or as many as you’d prefer.

Think About Your Top Color Choices

If you’ve thoughtfully (or perhaps haphazardly) drawn out your concept of the perfect planter, you’ll have considered the space you have and what you want to achieve. You’re likely to have begun looking at colors as well!
One of our most cherished claims of fame lies in our infinite colors. Begin to think about the colors you would like to have in your home. Don’t be shy about requesting color samples.

Find A Reference Image

Are you passionate about interior design? Do you spend time poring over decorating magazines, or have you seen an affluent style you cannot live without? Send us your photos! We’ll try our best to find precisely what you’re thinking about.

Be Ready To Communicate Your Needs, And Try To Keep An Open Mind!

We’d be happy to discuss the various choices to meet your requirements and preferences. We’re privileged to know the products we sell inside and out, And we never know. We may even give you a glimpse of an amazing style that you’d never heard of!

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions!

We’re adamant about the notion that there are no dumb questions. In the end, each of your questions can help you find your ideal planter. Bring your questions to us, and if we do not have the answer right on our own, We’ll be willing to make an effort.

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