Different Types Of Pillow Stuffings, Pillow Fillers, and Cushion Insert: Choose The Right Pillow Fillers

Pillow Stuffings

Pillow Stuffings, Pillow Fillers, and Cushion Insert are the most crucial aspect of living the ideal health and sleep comfortably. The best pillows are essential tools to ensure a restful night’s sleep. The purchase of a high-quality pillow depends on several variables, including the kind of pillow stuffings / pillow fillers, the amount of filling you’re willing to put in, and the price.

The style of pillow stuffing is different for every person. Some cushion inserts are relaxing for certain people but could be difficult for other people. With the many choices available, choosing which kind of stuffing you want to use could be a challenge.

This article walks you through the different pillow stuffings – their pros, cons and prices to help you choose which one you like the most.

A way to classify the kind of pillow you can categorize is through the material in which they are filled. The type of material used for filling will determine the amount of quality of the pillow and the cost that the cushion will cost you. Check out the various types of pillow fillings that are in high demand.

Down Pillow Stuffing / Down Pillow Fillers

Down is the layer of undercoat that covers feathers that line the chest and the underbelly of birds. They are soft and fluffy and can be utilized in many mattresses and pillows. They are white and smooth compared to other fillers for pillows.

Down Pillow Fillers Pros

  • Due to their natural softness down pillows, they are easily moldable and can be adapted to your neck and head.
  • They could last for several years if they are treated with care
  • It is possible to refill the down stuffing when the pillow loses shape.

Down Pillow Fillers Cons

  • They’re expensive in comparison to other stuffings
  • They may flatten with repeated use.
  • They absorb lots of heat during summer and, consequently, are uncomfortable to use.

Polyester Fiberfill Pillow Stuffing / Polyester Fiberfill Cushion Insert

Polyfill stuffing or Polyester Fiberfill is made up of manufactured tiny, curled polyester fibers. Polyfill stuffing is among the most well-known types due to its soft, solid and highly soft nature. It is among the most suitable choices for stuffing outdoor pillows.

Polyester Fiberfill Cushion Insert Pros

  • It is much more affordable than other pillows. Pillow stuffing is much less expensive than other
  • It is easy to maintain and clean, machine washable and can be used for outdoor cushions
  • It helps to control allergies one could get from feather or down stuffed pillows

Polyester Fiberfill Cushion Filler Cons

  • They can clump up quickly and require regular adjustments to maintain the most comfortable experience
  • Not the most durable.
  • They can hold heat and may cause breathing problems, particularly during summer.

Feather Pillow Stuffings / Feather Cushion Fillers

Feather Pillow stuffing is composed of soft feathers derived from the backs and wings of birds. They are readily available in large quantities in the market and are among the least expensive alternatives. The feather pillow will lose its shape quickly, and the feathers start to fall out after a few minutes. They are typically paired with the down for an array of quality and cost-effectiveness.

Feather Cushion Filler Pros

  • They can easily be molded to any shape you are at ease with.
  • One of the cheapest stuffings
  • They are extremely light

Feather Cushion Filler Cons

  • They are prone to be flattened after prolonged use and therefore require regular fluffing
  • A bit difficult to clean and maintain.
  • They might smell unpleasant after a couple of years.
  • They can absorb heat, and they can be hot to sleep on.

Memory Foam Pillow Stuffings / Memory Foam Cushion Fillers

Memory foam pillows are made up of polyurethane and other components. It is available in two forms block memory foam and shredded memory foam. The block memory foam is wrapped in a pillowcase, and shredded memory foam gets placed in the pillow to offer an incredibly smooth and comfortable experience.

Memory pillow foam filling is among the newest technologies that can be adjusted to the contours of your head. It can help to keep your spine in alignment with your body.

Memory Foam Cushion Filler Pros

  • The scientifically developed system is designed to provide you with the most comfort and relief from pressure
  • It doesn’t clump like other pillow fillings.
  • Perfectly shaped for all types of sizes, as well as sleep styles.

Memory Foam Cushion Filler Cons

  • They usually tend to absorb heat that leads to night sweating
  • They could smell due to the usage of volatile chemicals.
  • Costly compared to other pillow stuffing

Buckwheat Hull Pillow Stuffings / Buckwheat Hull Cushion Fillers

Buckwheat hull fillings are comprised of shells that surround the seeds of buckwheat. They are well-known for their temperatures and airflow. They are thicker than other pillows and are a fantastic alternative for those requiring spinal alignment.

Buckwheat Hull Cushion Filler Pros

  • The long-term durability of organic buckwheat pillow filling is exceptionally high
  • They naturally fit into any neck shape or head.
  • The shells on the hulls permit a flow of air to be smooth that ensuring excellent airflow.

Buckwheat Hull Cushion Filler Cons

  • They are substantial and can be uncomfortable for sure sleepers.
  • The hulls of Buckwheat are relatively heavier than other pillows
  • They emit a rustling sound as they move and are not an ideal option for people allergic to household mites.

Kapok Pillow Stuffings / Kapok Cushion Fillers

Kapok is a plant in Mexico which produces flowers that have an enveloping, cotton-like, silky and soft feel. Kapok pillow stuffing can be the ideal option for people looking for natural pillow stuffing. They’re also known by the name Ceiba Pentandra and are an excellent choice for those with allergies and who need the most natural selection.

Kapok Cushion Filler Pros

  • Kapok Pillow is free from any toxic material of any kind.
  • They are environmentally friendly and can be easily regenerated
  • They are incredibly soft and cosy.

Kapok Cushion Filler Cons

  • They cannot be made into a mould as down pillows or foam
  • Access might be an issue
  • They can be a source of haze

Cotton Pillow Stuffings / Cotton Pillow Fillers

It is the most readily available and commonly used cushion and filler. Soft and offers the feeling of a soft cushion to lie on. In addition, it’s more rigid than polyfill, down, or foam-filled. Cotton is also an excellent way to regulate body temperature in hot places.

Cotton Pillow Filler Pros

  • The stuffing for pillows made of cotton is readily accessible
  • Organic alternatives for people suffering from allergies.
  • It provides a soft sleep, with a comfortable and smell-less sleeping
  • It is 100% eco-friendly

Cotton Pillow Filler Cons

  • After using the cotton filling is likely to form a clump, which can be uncomfortable
  • In constant need of replacing the filling

Wool Pillow Stuffings / Wool Cushion Fillers

Pillows filled with wool are an old-fashioned stuffing due to their breathability and insulation properties. Wool is a synthetic material that is warm, soft and extremely fluffy. They’re an excellent choice for people suffering from allergies. They can offer the best comfort during winter and summer.

Wool Cushion Filler Pros

  • It is eco-friendly
  • Because of its non-toxic components, it is an ideal choice for people who are allergic
  • It can be used as insulation during winters

Wool Cushion Filler Cons

  • It can be lumpy and become clumpy, making it less durable.
  • It needs to be able to retain its shape better.

Latex Pillow Stuffings / Latex Pillow Fillers

The term “latex” is often used to refer to natural foam. Latex comes from a specific sap of the rubber tree. It is challenging to extract and therefore is costly. Like memory foam, they are also available in block or shredded forms.

Block latex foam has a firm texture and provides excellent support. The latex foam that is shredded can be molded and offers greater flexibility.

Latex Pillow Fillers Pros

  • It is also environmentally friendly.
  • It can breathe well due to the open-cell structure.
  • It can help reduce migraines because of its firmness. But it’s also flexible (Shredded latex foam) to allow you to adjust the pillow’s position.

Latex Pillow Fillers Cons

  • It’s costly
  • There are better choices for people who prefer to sleep sideways.

Microbead Pillow Stuffings / Microbead Cushion Fillers

The microbead pillow stuffing is a substitute for synthetic buckwheat and hulls. Microbeads are tiny polystyrene beads. It’s not widely available in the marketplace compared to other pillow and cushion filling.
They permit a smooth flow of air and are also moldable. However, they can become lumpy, lose their form, and aren’t environmentally friendly.

Microbead Cushion Filler Pros

  • An affordable alternative to buckwheat’s Hull
  • They can breathe well.
  • They can fit and offer great support for the neck and body.

Microbead Cushion Filler Cons

  • They are less durable.
  • They need to be more sufficient to support some sleepers.
  • They emit a chemical odour and are known for “off-gassing.”


Memory foams, latex and cotton are among the most sought-after options, providing comfort and spinal support at a reasonable price. If budgetary constraints confine you, feather pillow stuffing can suffice. Down pillow stuffing may be a good choice if you can increase your budget and still have a tight budget.

This guide should help you realize the importance of pillow stuffing. It is a crucial element of how well you sleep at night after the stress of a tiring day. Check out our collection of memory foam pillows if you’re looking to purchase a memory-foam protector.


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