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Gond Bird Paintings

What are Gond paintings?

Gond paintings, a type of painting that blends folk and tribal art, are practiced by one of the largest tribes in India. Gond is a Dravidian expression that means “the green mountain.” Gond paintings are primarily from Madhya Pradesh, but it is also very common in Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. Gond art is so popular that the Government of India intervened to protect it for future generations.

Digna and Bhittichitra are the inspirations for today’s Gond paintings. Digna is a traditional geometric pattern that the Gonds use to paint the floors and walls of their houses. Bhittichitra, a painting on the walls of houses depicting animals, plants, or trees, is also painted.

On-line paintings, also known as gond paintings, directly affect the viewer. The lines are placed in such a way as to convey movement to still images. To give the images more detail and a sense of movement, dots and dashes can be added. The artwork is finished with bright, vivid colors.

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Buy Gond Bird Paintings For Your Home Decor

For centuries, birds have inspired artists. Some cave paintings of birds are more than 10000 years old. Gond bird painting is one of the oldest forms of man-made art. Birds are still a major inspiration for artists worldwide in the modern age. Birds play a significant role in tribal art in India, whether it’s Gond art or Bhil art.

Gond Bird Art Painting in Tribals

India is home to approximately 1200 bird species. Nearly all kinds of birds can also be found in tribal paintings, whether they are Owls, Sparrows, Peacocks, Sparrows, or any other birds. Tribal Art India has an extensive collection of Bird Paintings in vibrant and high-quality colors.

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Bird Cluster Gond Paintings

This artistic work “Five Birds” is a Gond tribal style of painting. Birds symbolize eternality and freedom due to their ability to fly through the sky. It is a firm belief that being close to nature will bring about success and prosperity. There is a belief that looking at an image that is pleasing will bring many good fortunes.

A Gond bird painting of a cluster of birds with 5 smaller babies symbolizing creativity. Painting on Acrylic Art paper, featuring vibrant colors of acrylic and exquisite in-line patterns. There could be minor variations because of its distinctive manufacturing procedure.

The Exquisite Forms of Gond Art

The lines of the border and interior details that make the subject grab the viewer’s attention immediately must be part of the style. The Gond paintings’ unique use of dots and dashes adds brilliance to the details. The expressive power of the art is enhanced by incorporating various geometric shapes and patterns, such as those resembling fish scales, drops of water, and seed shapes. Many critics refer to it as “on-line work” because of its ability to convey movement through curves, strokes, and lines.

The Vivid Colors of Gond Art

Gond paintings were renowned for their vivid colors, particularly red, yellow, and green. They also provide a great contrast to the surrounding landscape. Bright paints are often derived from organic sources like colored soil, charcoal, plant leaves, and sap. Gheru Mitti provides the brown color. Chui Mitti, local sand, is responsible for producing the yellow color. Charcoal gives black, Hibiscus flowers give red, and the plant leaves impart green.

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