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Bamboo Basket - Buy Handmade Bamboo Basket Online | Eco-friendly Baskets In India

Handmade Bamboo Basket for Storage, Pooja, Laundry, etc.

Handwoven, elegant, ethical, and practical, these stackable bamboo storage baskets are exquisite and thoughtful. Bamboo weaving is unparalleled in quality. Bamboo baskets are a perfect addition to modern or traditional decor, these extra roomy storage baskets are woven by heritage craftsmen using a specially designed technology that provides a cleaner and more precise weave with a minimal silhouette.

How Handmade Bamboo Baskets Are Weaved?

Bamboo basket weaving is done manually by skilled artisans. Bamboo stems are divided into strips of required sizes; this process is usually done by a sharp knife. These bamboo stripes are further made thinner by peeling their top layer and the bamboo strips are further split into flat thin strips. These flat thin strips are weaved in a circular motion to create a base of the bamboo basket. Weaving bamboo strips alternatively and weaving them through the arranged strips is the basis of construction. Once the base is created, these strips are bent a little to create the side walls of the basket. Bamboo strips are continuously added to the structure until the correct size is achieved. Once the basket weaving is done, extra bamboo strips are cut and a thick bamboo poll of desired peripherals is added to the basket as a rim and looped around the edge of the basket for maximum gripping. They are weaved into different sizes and shapes.

Why Buy Bamboo Baskets Online?

Bamboo is a material usually well-known for its sturdiness and flexibility. It helps you store, stow, and corral clutter in an elegant way. You can easily slide the bamboo basket under your bed, or keep it in your wardrobe. These handmade bamboo baskets are the perfect choice for keeping books, towels, clothes, toys, or shoes. Bamboo baskets are available in a natural-themed color palette. These eco-friendly bamboo baskets are non-toxic and affordable.

Handmade Bamboo Basket is A Greener Alternative

Bamboo is an environmentally friendly plant. Growing fast and maturing within a few years, it can be harvested and regrown without replanting after harvesting, making it a ‘renewable’ resource.

Bamboo Baskets Have A Low Carbon Footprint

The process of turning bamboo into a product is less emission-intensive. Bamboo products can also be recycled, repurposed, or burned for heat and electricity at the end of their useful lives.