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Handmade Pottery Items Online In India | Buy Flower Vase and Bowl

Pottery has a fantastic history in India. It represents our culture, heritage, art, and craftmanship. It has been used for centuries to make domestic ware, votive pieces, and architectural pieces. Each region boasts a unique style of decoration and method of making pottery. India is still home to more than a million potters, making it one of the most prolific craft traditions. Decorative and functional pottery is now being made in contemporary styles and designs, following the tradition but in a more stylish avatar. At The Inside Stories, we have an exceptional collection of vases and bowls. Choose from a wide range of colours, shapes, glazes, finishes, and textures in your home's elegant, minimalistic, artisan-crafted pottery.

Pottery For Home Décor

There is no better way to enhance the beauty of your living room than by placing some gorgeous flowers in a flower vase or a plant in a bowl. The vase can bring beauty to your living room and your dining table. Pottery is crafted with different materials. Along with glass vases for the table, you can place several flower vases and bowls in your living room, dining room, guest room, and kitchen. You can buy one made of glass, terracotta, plastic and more.

Best Pottery Decorating Ideas with Teracotta Vase and Pottery Bowl

Pottery For Plants

You can decorate your home with pottery by putting plants or flowers in vases and bowls. You can hang flower vases or bowls in the garden or balcony to bring more colour and design to your space. You can also introduce different colours of potteries in your home. You must ensure that the pottery is deep and wide enough to grow.

Pottery For Color Synchronisation with Home Decor

A trend in home décor is to use pottery in a single bright colour that complements the simple and subtle hues of the background. Pottery is available in multiple sizes, shapes, and colours.

Pottery For Eclectic Appearance

Adding a variety of pottery in different sizes, shapes, colours, and styles can give your home a unique and eclectic look. Balance your collection by keeping the room’s furnishings, artwork, and lightning proportionate. Make sure you group the numerous potteries for classic home décor.

Pottery To Fill The Gap

Potteries are a perfect choice to complement the bare spaces of your home. Fill those vacant living areas of your house with potteries where you are not sure what to keep and decorate. It is a good idea to keep large potteries above kitchen cabinets to decorate your kitchen stylishly. You can also store small ceramics between the shelves to decorate your kitchen tastefully.

Pottery To Play With Your Home Interior

It is not necessary to follow a rule for home décor. You show your style and taste with your home interior. Arrange your potteries in the way you want them to place. Choose ceramics or clay arts to decorate your shelves for a contemporary look.

Checkout the versatile range of potteries at The inside Stories to find out the best for your home interior whether you are looking for flower vase, and bowl etc.