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Over the past few decades, table mats have become an essential part of every dining table, whether at home or in a restaurant. Apart from their primary intention of keeping tables tidy while dining, Tablecloths nowadays offer a variety of functions. In the end, tablecloths are used for various reasons and can be used as decorative elements that can be used in any room and are also pieces of art.
Contrasting with the commonly larger tablecloths used to cover the table, mats or placemats function as the centerpiece of every table setting. They can be used for protection or decoration, entertainment or advertising, and placemats are created from various materials. The same techniques and materials are available in a range of mass-produced products.

Placemats: Best Tablemats For Tuning To A Clean And Captivating Dining Delight

Have you ever been scolded for spilling the ketchup on the newly cleaned dining table? Or are you fed up with the staining that is difficult to remove from the table? If so, table mats are required to maintain the standard of your table and provide a noticeable improvement for it. That's why here are The Inside Stories in the picture of providing luxurious Table Linen, such as dining table runners and table placemats. Assortment with designs that are worth the wait.
Each of these table mats can be purchased in jute or cotton. Both are renowned for their superior quality and can hold the style for more time. Furthermore, the placemats for dining are incredibly designed with shapes and patterns like rectangular mats for tables that make an attractive and eye-catching addition to your dining room. Placemats are ideal for rectangle, round, dining, and dressing tables.

The Range Of Placemats Presented By The Inside Stories

If you already have a beautiful dining table, shouldn't you try to preserve its beauty more? Get yourself a stunning set of table mats, and you'll be able to have a dining table mat that at each end is a beautiful piece from it. Here is a detailed description of the patterns you can discover in The Inside Stories so that you are aware of the types of patterns.

Round Table Mats With Braided Braids

The round dining mats that are braided are attractive due to their style. These mats can be purchased in various colors to give your home the best appearance and practicality. Multicolour Cotton Braided Round Table mats 2-Set by The Inside Stories is an example of this. This mat showcases a striking variety of patterns and colors to enhance your dining experience.

Braided Natural Mats

If you're unsure how to match the theme of your dining room, go for modern table mats that will be in contrast to any other tableware piece, like Natural Beige Jute Braided Round Table mats Set of 2 made by The Inside Stories. Because it's beige, it will say"yes" to every important dining item and décor.

Subtle Placemats

The next in order are the placemats that require effort and are not overly intricate yet don't lag in displaying elegance on tables. Think of the example of Mustard Table Placemats made of cotton. They are also available in different colors, such as red, turquoise black, etc. These are the perfect placemats to ensure that every space at the table will be filled with bright colors.

Edged Placemats

With a round or rectangular, there's an alternative for placemats with stylish edges that form an attractive feature on the accessories. Similar to the Natural Beige Jute burlap frilled border Plates - Set of 4, from The Inside Stories. The design is sure to impress with its appearance.

Amazing uses of Tablemats

Placemats can be utilized to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Tablemats made of silk or lace are beautiful pieces.
  • Placemats are a great way to serve as a menu, ad, or game.
  • Table mats are customizable using photos or other crafts, so they're unique.
  • The placemats customized to the individual's preferences and preferences are an excellent present.
  • Table mats can be constructed out of linen, crocheted cloth, paper, wood, or any other material you would like.
  • Table mats can be constructed out of linen, crocheted cloth, paper, wood, or any other material you would like.
  • Tablemats are simple to maintain and clean. They do not require a lot of time and effort.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Placemats

It can be difficult for some to select the appropriate placemat. Different events and occasions call for different kinds of placemats. They can be used for various occasions and come in various forms, sizes, colors, and materials.
The dimensions and shape of your furniture must be considered when choosing placemats for your table. They can be used for hosting guests, advertising an item, decorating the interior of your house, or for use in everyday life. If you already know the style you'd like, The Inside Stories offers a variety of placemats online.

Considerations To Take Into Account When Selecting Placemats


A placemat doesn't need to be of a particular size. The size is dependent on the function. Generally, 12 inches wide x 18 inches are standard dimensions for placemats used for dining tables.


Placemats are made of any kind of material. They can be natural ones made from bamboo, cotton, linen, or even wood, to those comprised of satin, polyester, and PVC.

The Form Of Dining Table

The type of dining table is as important as other factors that explain why you require placemats for your dining table, their principal purpose in protecting the table, and also what is most appropriate or complements it.

Food Temperature

Often, food temperature is forgotten when it is placed on the mats. The placemat should be strong enough to endure the heat of hot food.

Types Of Placemats Available On The Inside Stories

Based on their design, the placemats can be found in a wide variety of designs that you can pick from. Place your order online at The Inside Stories for one of the placemats below.

Wooden Placemats

They can be used in hot temperatures, look elegant and add a stylish accent to any dinner table.

Placemats Made of Cotton

These are among the most sought-after. They are also user-friendly and simple to keep. They are also offered in a range of sizes and colors.

Polyester Placemats

These are easy to wash and extremely robust. This is the best option for those who eat messily.

Jute Placemats

They're slightly more expensive; however, they make a statement and are great for celebrations.

Placemats Made Of Vinyl

These popular forms of vinyl tablecloths employed in the home are practical and simple to clean.

Handloom Woven Placemats

Handloom Woven Placemats are stunning artworks that showcase the purchaser's love for traditional design.

Satin Placemats

Satin Placemats generally multi-colored and floral and are the most beautiful centerpiece for any table.

Why Should You Buy Placemats From The Inside Stories?

The Inside Stories offers easy purchasing guidelines so that shopping online is easier. Quick returns, affordable EMI, fast delivery, and numerous discounts are just a few main reasons purchasing through The Inside Stories is the best choice. All mats for dining tables online from The Inside Stories are available in cotton and jute varieties. Thus, easy cleaning and a long shining are the main factors accompanied by high-end fabric quality.
At The Inside Stories, we have countless kinds of dining tables to meet the requirements of all. Our customers don't have to sacrifice their budgets and can get the ideal placemats online at The Inside Stories. The Inside Stories has such a wide range of styles and colors, materials, and sets that everyone will find the highest quality guaranteed. There isn't a wider range of items elsewhere.