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Find Perfect Area Rugs or Trendy Designer Carpets Online at The Inside Stories

Handwoven Customized Rugs or Carpets Online in India

The Inside Stories is an interior-focused designer rug store in Haryana, India, where timeless art meets designer carpets. The Inside stories team takes the rug and carpet design to a new level. We began this journey with handmade rugs and hand-made carpets for projects, including luxurious Hotels, Lounges, Palaces, and Premium Residencies in Haryana, India. We provide not just custom-made carpets, but through our creative designs, we transform carpets into works of artwork. Our design studio offers various carpet options that are high-end and luxurious.
We offer a variety of hand-woven carpets, rugs, and carpets specifically designed and customized for our customers. Carpets and rugs blend stunning fibers like Banana Silk, Raw Silk Bamboo Silk, Australian wool, the finest New Zealand Wool, Banana Silk, and Viscose & Genuine Leather. We design stunning handmade carpets for interior design and Carpets upon request, and custom services are provided in the best possible way. Carpets and Rugs aren't only floor pieces. Our unique methods allow them to be a part of the decor to match your decor, without which your home will not be ultimate.
Carpets and rugs have been used to decorate some of the most beautiful homes, palaces, villas, and estates around the globe. We're also proud to be a member of some Best Hotels worldwide.

High-Quality Designer Rugs At The Inside Stories

The Inside Stories is India's most renowned custom rug business. They specialize in hand-made custom carpets and rugs for commercial and residential spaces. Designer rugs are made from top-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship. They usually have unique. Unique designs you'll never see elsewhere are perfect for people who want to create their own unique, stylish living space.
Get Your Dream Rug Designed By the Best Rugs and Carpet Designer In Delhi. The Inside Stories is The First Choice When It Comes To Luxury Rug Designing in Delhi. We provide not just custom-designed carpets, but by using our unique designs, we transform carpets into artwork. Our design studio has various options for luxurious, high-end carpets. The Inside Stories' Carpets and Rugs are why they have been featured in some of the finest homes, Villas, and Palaces all over the world. We are happy to be a member of the Best Hotels worldwide.

Area Rugs For Sale Online at The Inside Stories

Handmade Rugs

Contemporary and modern handmade carpets with soft and vibrant shades in various styles.

Shaggy & Fur Rugs

Amazing selection of shaggy carpets that are plain in color with a wide selection of luxurious materials and soft to the touch.

Plain & Textured Rugs

Plain carpets are available with different textures made of different kinds of bamboo, viscose, wool silk, etc.

Oriental Rugs

Our hand-woven oriental rugs typically capture the traditional designs in the tradition and culture of Iran and Turkey.

Round Rugs

We have a range of runners in various sizes to fit in the bed and any other room of your home.

Runner Rugs

We have a variety of round rugs, from traditional to contemporary, with solid colors, various sizes, and shades.

Abstract Rugs

Abstract rugs from us are gorgeous and silky-soft in a range of vibrant colors to neutral shades and different textures.

Designer Rugs

We offer a variety of designer rugs available in various sizes that are suitable for the bedside and any other areas of your home.

Flatweave Durrie Rugs

We have a variety of rugs, from modern to traditional and solid colors, that come in various sizes and shades.

Persian Rugs

Our hand-woven Persian rugs usually capture the designs of the past in the Iran tradition in addition to Turkey.

Irani Rugs

We have a wide selection of Irani rugs in various sizes to be placed on the bed or in other rooms in your home.

Hand Woven & Felt Rugs

Gorgeous hand-woven rugs using wool that is thick and perfect for modern interiors, and all of them are hand-woven.

Jute Rugs

Jute Rugs are natural and eco-friendly, with various textures and styles.

Contemporary Rugs

The contemporary designs offer a blend of design and comfort and are appropriate for any interior.

Moroccan & Tribal Rugs

We have our Vintage Moroccan collection is made of high-quality imported yarn that provides a tassel accent.

Why choose The Inside Stories to buy Premier rugs and carpets?

If you want to get inspired by texture, fiber, or even the perfect color, we've got many possibilities to pick from. Are you looking for eco-friendly, sustainable natural fibers? Look at our vast selection of sisal and jute rug, soft and airy cotton rugs, or warm wool rugs. If you are in love, check out shag rugs that look great on the side of your bed or in the middle of your living room. The world is an awe-inspiring Vintage rug, and Moroccan rug designs are a great source of design inspiration with their stunning designs that draw inspiration from the cultures of distant lands. The bohemian rug adds a gorgeous accent of color and freewheeling design to any space.
There's nothing better than having an appropriate rug in each space in your home. We're confident that we have the perfect rug for any room. The bedroom rugs at Rugs for the Home provide comfort beneath your feet when you want a relaxing or playful feel. Rugs for the living room define the style of your home as the place in which the entire family gathers. Our Kitchen rug is durable and washable. They are stain-resistant, washable, and can quickly take on daily wear and spills. Outdoor rugs make an excellent option for any deck or patio that creates areas where you can relax and talk. In addition, dining room rugs are a great way to make your meal memorable. Just ensure you choose an oval, round or rectangular rug that is large enough to ensure the guests can sit down with their chairs fully over the carpet!

However, deciding on a rug's size can be a challenge here at The Rug Stories. We can make it simple to make the right choice, as various sizes are available. If you're looking to create the illusion of more area, then oversized and huge rugs, such as 12x15 and 10x14 area rugs, will help you make a room that is filled with one design. Rugs measuring 9x12 are perfect for a large family and living room. They can also be used under king-sized beds. Rugs of 8x10 are ample enough for living room sets that can place the front legs of their rug or under beds that are queen-sized. Rugs 6x9 and 7x9 are perfect for dining or transitional rooms. Area rugs 5x8 and 4x6 area rugs are great options to add a splash of style to small rooms or apartments. They are great for narrow, extended areas like hallways, kitchens, or on the sides or beside your bed.