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One-Of-A-Kind Hand Knotted Rug For Your Home

The hand knotted rugs are made by tying numerous knots precisely. There is no other weaving process as unique as the hand-knotting technique. Every knot and line is carefully planned. Paying attention to the details is important for hand-knotted rugs. The knotting method produces a rug with an intricate design, which is durable and can be placed in virtually any space without concern.
Traditionally, hand-knotted rugs are made through complex manual procedures that demand lots of time and effort. Knotted carpets are made on looms that use vertical cotton threads to frame the area rug. These looms are embellished with fringe by threading vertical threads onto them. The hand-knotting process is intricate, requires only the attention of the masters, and, as a result, leads to rugs that are unique to the masters of this craft tradition.

Benefits Of Hand Knotted Area Rugs To Your Home Decor

A hand knotted area rug is completely an original piece of art. They are the perfect addition to your home and office to upgrade the environment of your home. When compared to machine-made rugs or synthetic rugs, hand-knotted wool rugs are expensive. Handmade hand-knotted oriental rugs or hand-knotted persian rugs have multiple advantages that can grab your attention.

Hand Knotted Persian Rugs Are Superior Workmanship

Handmade Hand-knotted persian rugs offer superior craftsmanship, which is perhaps their strongest advantage over their competition. Hand-knotted persian carpets offer superior durability and unmatched quality. Vintage hand-knotted rugs are, by definition, handmade, which means they were worked on by a single artisan for up to a year. The care and attention that is invested into hand-knotted area rugs ensure that they are not only a work of art but also last for a long time.

Hand Knotted Area Rugs Are a Worthwhile Investment For Your Dwell

Hand-knotted area rugs are durable, which makes them a great investment for home interior. The value of hand-knotted oriental area rugs usually increases over time. If you are in the market for a hand-knotted wool rug, you might want to consider storing it in a secure place. This increase in value will begin as soon as the rug is completed. Traditional hand-knotted carpets are considered the most expensive rug type, but because of their beauty and durability, they are still considered wise investments.

Hand Knotted Oriental Rugs Offers Elegant Beauty

Adding the beauty of hand-knotted oriental rugs to your dwell, offices, or wherever you want them to be placed. The combination of color, texture, and design of the hand-knotted oriental rug creates an extraordinary work of art that will add a great deal to showcase your lifestyle to any living space. Hand-knotted oriental area rugs are an invigorating addition to any space. Each square inch of the hand-knotted carpet is a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship required to create them.

Hand-knotted wool rugs from The Inside Stories collection are works of art and craftsmanship. Hand-knotted carpets, as opposed to mass-produced rugs made by machines, require tremendous skills, patience, and time to design and complete the knotting process. A true masterpiece is crafted by skilled artisans that resembles an original painting. Decorative hand-knotted area rugs help set the tone in any room of the house, making them an integral part of your home.
The hand-knotted rugs collection from The Inside Stories includes an almost unlimited range of sizes, colors, prints, and price points. Choose from an eye-catching assortment of hand-knotted rugs whether you're looking for one to complement your living room, foyer, master bedroom, or hallway.