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Looking for a statement piece of decor to reflect your lifestyle and taste? Contemporary rugs are in trend.
Modern rugs are highly in demand in the area rug and flooring industry. Hand-knotted rugs are superior to machine-made rugs in terms of quality and feel. Hand-knotted rugs from Nepal and Tibet are an answer to the Western desire for high-quality, hand-knotted rugs in fine materials with modern designs. Modern-designed hand-knotted Tibetan rugs are suitable for modern settings. These rugs are high-quality and made from a mixture of wool and natural silk.

Nepali Rug History

Nepali rug originates from Tibet, and according to their classification, they are classified under Tibetan rug, and more specifically, Tribal rug. Their origins go up to the 16th century, but they didn't come into the spotlight until the British conquered Tibet during the 1-9th century.
The production of Nepali rugs increased during the late 1970s in Nepal, and, as a result, the name "Nepali Rugs'. The people of Nepal increased the manufacturing line from tiny wool rugs of a smaller size to larger pieces, which increased their demand in Europe. European market. These are among the most sought-after Tribal rug designs across the globe.

Nepali Materials & Texture

Nepali rugs were originally constructed from highland sheep's wool from Tibet. In time, Nepali rugs adopted high-quality wool from New Zealand and India. The wrap and the weft were typically made of wool or a blend of cotton wool, whereas their piles were made of wool and occasionally silk. Rugs with a rough and opaque surface are ideal for keeping things warm in a cold climate.

Nepalese Wool Rug

The Nepalese rug collection includes hand-knotted wool and silk carpets. The Nepalese carpets, which are both elegantly styled and beautifully designed, make a great accent for traditional as well as contemporary interiors. The Nepalese assortment of handmade silk and wool rug designs offers a broad selection of attractive flooring options for your office or home. Beautifully styled and beautifully created, Nepalese carpets are the ideal decor to complement contemporary as well as traditional spaces.
The process for making Nepalese carpets includes:

  • Sorting wool and washing
  • Cards
  • Spinning
  • Dyeing
  • Knotting
  • Trimming
  • Drying and washing
  • Finalizing
  • Packing

The cost of the Nepalese carpet is largely determined by its standard of quality, dimensions and style, just like other items.
Are you in search of the perfect item of interior style that will express your style? Perhaps it's an Oriental rug that isn't catching your attention, or you're not sure which one to begin looking at. If this is the case, Chinese-inspired Nepali carpets could be for you. The Nepali are 100% woollen rugs with intricate designs paired with beautifully mellowed hues. The best part is that Nepali rugs aren't expensive when compared to those in the Oriental as well as Persian rug markets.
Each rug goes through an exclusive process that ensures that they're long-lasting and attractive. The rug collection is made to meet your individual preferences and fashion.