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Best Viscose Area Rugs | Buy Viscose Carpets To Mimic The Look Of Silk

Bamboo viscose rug material imitates the look and feels of silk and it is also considered a cost-effective replacement for silk. Viscose rugs can create a healthier living space because the material has antimicrobial properties. Viscose Area Rugs are in trend and popular among interior designers. Viscose carpets can be hand woven, hand tufted, hand knotted and hand loomed. Viscose is usually blended with wool to create a durable rug and provide intrinsic value.

What is Viscose Area Rug Fiber?

Viscose rug material is a thin yarn extracted from wood pulp. But bamboo viscose is not considered a natural rug material because the wood pulp is processed with a chemical treatment to convert the pulp into yarn. Viscose fiber is soft and extremely comfortable. This fiber is generally used as a substitute for silk while making pillows, rugs, or mattresses.

Viscose Rugs Pros and Cons

Pros Of Viscose Carpet

Mimic The Look Of Silk

With natural fibers, it is impossible to achieve the consistency of appearance, color, and texture of viscose. Viscose fibers look and feel like silk fibers. For an inexperienced person, it can be challenging to distinguish between viscose and silk. It is an excellent choice if you are the type of person who likes everything to be just right!

Cost-Effective Pricing

The luxurious look and cost make it the most fascinating, alluring, and enticing. The production of viscose area rugs costs less. Viscose is far cheaper than wool and silk, but the close resemblance to luxurious silk makes it popular among designers and homeowners.

Soft And Comfy Feel

As a synthetic silk substitute, viscose provides the same level of smoothness and softness - you will rarely find a softer carpet than one made of viscose! The viscose carpet is not static, unlike polypropylene carpets. It is also a very good insulator so it will keep you warm during the winter. We offer free samples of our viscose remnants, so if you're not sure, just order a free sample! Plus, they tend to have a thick pile, making them feel truly luxurious and comforting.

Cons Of Viscose Carpet

Wear and Flattening

Indeed, viscose carpets do not hold up to wear as well as wool or other natural floor coverings - they tend to flatten quite easily so they're best left for less-trafficked areas. Viscose rugs are probably the best for the bedroom and living room. Some viscose has been reported to shed fibers, but this is often more the result of poor construction than viscose itself - this is why we ensure our products are only made of high-quality viscose.

Viscose Carpet Cleaning

Viscose, however, is more delicate than polypropylene, a man-made fiber. It is delicate and not tolerant of harsh chemicals like bleach or moisture. When water gets into the cellulose fibers, they swell and the twists of the carpet become floppy and even lose their color. On more extreme occasions, the carpet may become yellowish.

Environmental Issues

There are issues around the production of viscose, in particular the disposal of certain chemicals, that may be of concern to our eco-conscious readers, even though there is no issue with the carpet itself. As you will recall, sulphuric acid was one of the common materials - that stuff is troublesome to get rid of!

So, if you want an appealing rug, feel free to go with a viscose area rug. It will transform your living spaces immediately. But, if you are looking for a durable rug that can withstand a lot of difficulties, go with a wool rug.