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Buy Hand Tufted Rugs | Abstract Hand Tufted Carpet Online Store in India

When it comes to interior decorating, no great interiors are complete without perfect rugs especially the hand tufted rugs, which is not only unique but could be displayed in numerous ways. The beautiful colors and intricate designs in hand tufted carpets serves as the main attraction and adds even more beauty to the interiors. Before you begin browsing the gorgeous collection of hand tufted wool rugs that are available, there are few interesting things about hand tufted wool carpets that you need to know that will make you fall in love with them and will help you understand what you are purchasing.

What Is Hand Tufted Rug and How To Identify Hand Tufted Carpet?

Hand tufted rugs are very close to art, a tufting tool is used to punch strands of yarn into the canvas in which design is also traced. The process is very beautiful and creates unique & durable carpets. The best way to identify a hand tufted carpets is by looking for a fringe which is usually added by sewing or gluing to give the proper finish and also you can check the scrim backing on the reverse. We have so many unique beautiful designs from traditional to modern in our collection.

Hand Tufted Rug Collection At The Inside Stories

You can buy hand tufted area rugs online from The Inside Stories unique collection. Here are some most recommended hand tufted rugs at best price:

Cabana Hand Tufted Rug / Carpet

The beautiful cabana hand tufted rug will instantly add modern vibes at your home. This gorgeous rug is made out of wool and comes with the latest design and trending colors. If you’re searching for something stylish then this is the ultimate choice for you and the best part is the affordable hand tufted rug price.

Abstract Hand Tufted Area Rug/ Carpet

This gorgeous rug is designed from the best materials and magnificent color combinations that will compliment different styles of interiors. This hand tufted carpet is having a thicker pile and is super soft and comfortable. If You’re searching for abstract hand tufted area rugs in India then this is the best choice for you.

Antiquity Hand Tufted Area Rug

This gorgeous work is a masterpiece in itself, it’s a classic piece of art. The best quality wool is used, the classic patters that have been used shows the most historical artwork. This masterpiece is super soft and is a perfect choice for interiors to add a touch of luxury at your home. Browse our collection to buy hand tufted rug online.

Solid Green High – Low Hand Tufted Carpet

This stunning hand tufted area rug is perfect to add some refreshing vibes at your living area or bedroom. This rug is made out of trending color palette & finest of materials. This hand tufted carpet is for sure a great addition at your living space.

Reasons To Buy Hand Tufted Area Rugs

  • If you buy hand tufted rugs it will not only add a touch of luxury at your home but will also offer durability for a longer run. So, hand tufted area rug is an investment and a great value addition for your floors.
  • You will find multiple designs and that too in multiple prices range from expensive to cheap hand tufted rugs and the best part is that every rug tells a different story, so you can pick according to your taste and style.
  • If you are planning to buy hand tufted rugs online then you will find customization services which in turn will help you to decorate your dream house with more accuracy.

Hand Tufted Area Rugs - Frequently Asked Questions

Question. What does a hand tufted rug mean, how it is different from hand woven rug?

Answer: Hand tufted rug is made with the help of tufting tool to punch the strands of yarn into the canvas in which design is traced on the other hand in case of hand-woven rugs flatweave is used, they are woven more like a basket which means front and back look the same.

Question. What is the best hand tufted rug price?

Answer: Hand tufted rug price varies, you can find it under lakhs of INR and you can also find comparatively cheap hand tufted rugs. It totally depends upon you how much you’re ready to invest. You can check out our collection where you will find multiple price range including the cheap hand tufted rugs.

Question. How to clean hand tufted carpets?

Answer: You can vacuum, vacuuming the fibers lifts dirt and keeps your tufted carpet clean and your carpet will look great for years.

Question. Are hand tufted area rugs durable?

Answer: Hand tufted rugs are made of finest quality wool and are super durable. They can last up to 10-20 years, depends upon how you maintain them.