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Buy Hand Woven Carpet Online | Modern Handwoven Rug for Sale in India

Hand woven carpet no doubt is one of the most gorgeous piece of art , It symbolise style and class which gives a refreshing and luxury look to your living adobe . Hand woven carpets are not only beautiful but are very durable and come with inticrate & unique designs . Hand woven rugs in India are made out of traditional as well as modern techniques. It is lightweight which is made out of soft material & brings the sense of warmth .Before you begin to explore the collection of hand woven rugs for sale that are available , there are few beautiful facts about hand woven rugs in India that you would love to know that will make you fall in love with an art and if you wish to buy hand woven carpet then it will help you to select the best hand woven carpet for you.

What Makes Handwoven Rugs in India So Special?

As the name suggests hand woven carpets are woven on loom and it takes so much time to weave this beauty. The yarn with weft and warp cycle makes a beautiful weaving process which later on results in the gorgeous intricate designs. These rugs are made out of high quality of material like finest wool, silk, cotton. If you buy hand woven carpet it will last up to 10 – 20 years, depends upon how you maintain them.

Hand Woven Rug Collection At The Inside Stories

You can explore the inside stories website; we have the finest collection of hand woven rugs for sale. Here are some most recommended and best sellers hand woven carpets we have for you:

Olmos Handwoven Rug / Carpet

This gorgeous hand-woven carpet brings the quality and creativity at one place. What makes this rug sustainably special is the UV – protected and stain – resistant flat weave pile made entirely of recycled plastic waste. This rug is so durable and ideal for high – traffic areas both indoors and outdoors because yarn is fade resistant and can be cleaned with a hose. This is one of the best hand woven rug for sale at the inside stories rug retailer website.

Stripe Grey Handwoven Area Rug

This classic neutral color rug is an excellent accessory to add to your interiors. This wonderful bold pattern is sure to make a statement and bring the classy touch to any place. The material of this hand woven carpet is durable , stain resistant , fade resistant and the best part is it’s a sustainable choice . If you’re confused from where to buy hand woven rug then you can definitely head on to our website and invest on this classic piece , as it goes well with every interior and exterior.

Parikia Handwoven Carpet

This modern hand-woven rug with block and stripe patterns in black, green & black is perfect for soothing environment. This rug is also made out of sustainable practices. If you wish to buy this hand woven carpet then simply head on to the hand woven rugs for sale section in our website. This rug for sure is one of the most gorgeous hand woven rug in India.

Patchwork Handwoven Rug

This beautiful rug has a very subtle vibe and is perfect for those who love simplicity and contemporary feel . This rug is perfect for high traffic areas such as the living space, entryway and the best part is it’s very easy to clean. This is one of the best hand woven rugs for sale in our website.

Handwoven Area Rugs - Frequently Asked Questions

Question. Where to buy hand woven rugs in India?

Answer: You can explore some amazing collection of hand woven carpet online or you can simply head on to our website we offer one of the best quality hand woven rugs in India and sustainable too.


Question. Are hand woven carpets durable?

Answer: Hand woven carpets are made by the finest artisans and are extremly durable and unique . It’s always an investment to buy hand woven carpet , they can last up to 10-20 years , totally depends upon how you maintain them . You can buy one of the best hand woven rugs in India from our website .

Question. How to keep the beauty of handwoven carpet last longer?

Answer: Here are few tips which you can follow:

  • Always clean the dirty spot with cold water and soap.
  • Never pull the loose ends.
  • Do not soak, or dry the wet area immediately
  • Try to avoid direct sunlight

Question. What is the best price of handwoven rugs in India?

Answer: The price of hand woven rug varies, you can find it under lakhs of INR and you can also find it in comparatively less price. If you are confused from where to buy hand woven rugs then you can simply head on to our website.