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Sabai Grass Wall Hangers, Sabai Grass Wall Decor, Sabai Grass Wall Hangings, Sabai Grass Wall Art

Sabai Grass Wall Hangers Collection

SABAI GRASS is one of the fine natural fibers with the ability to be colored or dyed. The people of the area depend on the harvesting of a wide variety of grasses and leaves. These grasses and leaves provide the primary means of earning for local people for a long period of time. The sole product is made from Sabai grass ropes. It is now used to create coasters, baskets, cots, decorative boxes, furniture, and wall hanging. The wall-hanging collection of Sabai grass took many years to develop due to the sourcing of rattan from India. Hand-crafted by skilled artisans. Discover our latest collection of mirrors made of rattan, wall quotes plants, hooks, and hooks. The collection of Sabai grass artwork for walls is testimony to our perseverance. After seeing the stunning beauty of African baskets on one of our trips, we wanted to discover grasses in India. After a long time, we met artisans from Orissa weaving magnificent grass, and that's how we came up with the grass baskets collection. Each piece is made by hand by women artisans using an ethical fashion. Each purchase helps empower the artisans and aids them in developing the skills they need for the marketplace.

Sabai Grass Wall Hanging Art

Wall Artwork Wall Art is simple, stylish, and enjoyable while at the same time. It is ideal for use as table décor or as a wall decoration. They could also be an amazing gift idea for someone special. We hope that The Inside Stories Wall Art collection will bring a smile to your face as it has every time!

Sabai Grass Wall Decor Collection

We are proud to present our brand fresh "Sabai Wall Decor" collection. They are completely organic and sustainable, made out of Sabai Grass (Eulaliopsis Binata). Contrary to mass-produced machine-made products, these baskets are exquisitely hand-woven by our talented women artisans. Each basket can take days to create, which gives us a beautiful piece of home decor.

  • Handwoven Sabai Grass Plate
  • Colour- Multi-colour
  • Plates can be multi-functional and are suitable for tabletop fruit baskets, accessories holders, or to add style to walls in the living room.
  • It's Ideal to be used as a gorgeous gift for loved ones to help promote an environmentally sustainable lifestyle.
  • Simple to maintain - simply wipe clean with a clean cloth.
  • The plate is equipped with a hook at the back that can be used to hang on the wall.
  • Because of the hand-crafted nature of this piece, there will be slight differences in the design of each individual piece.

Sabai Grass Baskets For Wall Decor

Created in an ethical, environmentally sustainable way and with a strong connection to traditional Orissan culture. The Inside Stories' Sabai grass baskets have been weaved by women's groups in small villages across Orissa. Every piece of textured fabric was created by hand and was crafted over a period of weeks before being perfected. Wall hangers that are multi-functional, put them up as an art piece or just decorate your shelves. Made by hand with Sabai Grass and naturally dyed threads. Due to the handmade quality of this product, there will be a slight difference in the look of each one of the pieces.

Sabai Grass Wall Hangings at The Inside Stories

Sabai Grass wall hanging is ideal for a style that is mostly rustic or old-fashioned wall hangers made of jute have a distinct style that is difficult to duplicate using any other material. Many of our most popular macrame wall hangings and new designs are made from jute. Jute is a sturdy material and will ensure that your wall hanging will last for a long time. Our Sabai grass wall art collection is equally impressive and will bring a lot of appeal to your living area. It is also possible to purchase many other decor things to decorate your homes, such as mirrors, vases, rugs, and much many more.