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Hanging Plant Pots, Wall Hanging Pots, Balcony Hanging Planters, Macrame Wall Hanging Planters

Macrame Wall Hanging Planters For Home Decor

Are you a lover of the chic boho decor in your space, and are you a parent of a plant as well? Then we've got an amazing piece of furniture to add that chic boho style to your home. This is The Inside Stories's thoughtful Macrame Hangers for Plants. Hangers collection. The 1970s were when macrame exploded on the scene of craft. The style is making a huge comeback, similar to many other styles. It's great for modern, boho-chic rooms or spaces that have a retro feel. Macrame weaves stunning, often intricate fabrics using different knotting methods. Macrame plant hangers are ideal for hanging your favorite plants on the ceiling or on the wall. Your plants will look gorgeous hanging from your walls and will add some color to the room. In addition, planters protect the plants from a range of pets and children and also add an aesthetic and visual aspect. The gorgeous, elegant and stylish study macrame is available in unlimited patterns and comes in various dimensions, shapes, and colors to suit. Within The Inside Stories' collection, you'll see macrame Plant Hangers featuring beads, lots of intricate knotted designs, and those who prefer simple knots for rope. You won't be satisfied. So what are you wasting time on? Make your purchase today and let the bohemian vibe to your decor for plants.

Hanging Plants Pots For Indoor or Outdoor Interior

What number of macrame hangers do you get? It's not enough! If you're a garden lover, macrame hangers can be ideal for adding more plants to your interiors but is also a fantastic method to scatter them throughout your living spaces. If you're not adept at keeping your plants healthy, You can get excellent fake indoor plants and keep the boho style and feeling in your house.

Macrame Wall Hanging Plant Pots Uses

Let me tell you how adaptable macrame plant hangers can be around your home, and you can buy the pattern to make an old-fashioned macrame hanging planter.

Hanging Plants Pots in Bedroom

There is a pattern to make a larger version of a hanger for plants that could be placed on a table and be a statement piece in your bedroom while also serving as a practical piece.

Wall Hanging Flower Pots

It is possible to use an ornamental plant hanger in a different way by adding dried or cut flowers. You will require an urn or glass jam jar for the flower you like best. It will allow you to change the look of your space by altering the flowers on hanging your planter with a macrame. Set aside a place for your planter, and then alter the flower arrangement according to the seasons and your mood.

Wall Hanging Pots For Kitchen

Another purpose for hanging planters is to hang them for cooking. It is also a great way to store kitchen tools or plants (dry or freshly cut) or even fruits when you create a big one. A macrame hanger can let you free the space in your work area, which is ideal for smaller kitchens.

Indoor Hanging Plant Pots For Bathroom

Another great way to use a plant hanger is to place one in your bathroom. Children use it to store their brushes. It can also be used to store your makeup hairbands, makeup brushes, or make-up brushes.

Hanging Planters For Outdoor

Jute can be used to create your outdoor macrame hangers to last a long time. There are other ways to utilize macrame plant hangers during the summer months, such as hanging them on the ground with lighting inside for the warm summer evenings or using light tea candles that are LED.

Best Macrame Wall Hanging Designs in India

When selecting home decor items, it is essential to ensure they match your current décor. It's good to know that The Inside Stories offers plenty of stunning macrame wall hanging styles that you can pick from to ensure you find the perfect match.

Amazing Tips For Hanging A Macramé Plant Hanger

The sky (or perhaps your ceiling, LOL) can be your limit for hanging your macrame masterpiece. There are so many ways to show these plant hangers. They all necessitate that the hook or attachment you're hanging your planter from is fixed; otherwise, it will slide off your wall or drop from your ceiling. Here's what you will need for hanging your macrame plant:

  • Hook
  • Screw and anchor for wall
  • Drill
When selecting your mounting hardware, be aware that potted plants are heavy, particularly after a long soak. The best method to ensure the plant hanger is secure is to use drywall anchors to set up the hooks that your plants hang from. Here are some additional suggestions for setting your plants to succeed in the macrame hammock they are hanging from:

Select The Correct Hook

The hardware store stocks various hooks. Some hooks are stronger than others, so you have to make sure that the hook can support 50+ pounds.

Use The Correct Anchor

When selecting the appropriate hook, you need to ensure that the anchoring drywall can support the weight you want on its own. Be aware that you are not able to combine the weight limits of the hook with the anchor to increase the capacity to weigh. Each piece needs to hold the weight of its individual.

Use The Correct Size Drill Bit

Check the directions on the hook prior to you begin. It will inform you of the size drill bit needed to put in the anchor for your drywall.

Wear Safety Gear

The process of drilling into ceilings could result in drywall to make. It's also possible to get the dust of drywall in your eyes and airways while you are working. Wear safety glasses as a protective mask to stop the risk of injury or irritation.

Macrame planters are designed to give your home a playful and bohemian look. This is an excellent option to dress up any space and include plants in your office or at home. Macrame hangers from The Inside Stories are painstakingly designed by artisans from India who weave every design with stunning knots and intricate knots using organic cotton cords.